2. consulting

Management Consulting

In today's rapidly advancing IT development, the business environment is required to develop solid strategies
and to implement them more flexibly than ever. In Loki Consulting, a specialized consultant company
we will make proposals to our customers for improvement by evaluating various situations.

Our Strength

The main feature of our consulting service is that we can offer a consistent scheme from financial to management strategy support. We are able to respond widely to customer's issues such as sales and fund related support.

Supporting businesses quickly and strongly with 6 portfolios (6B)

  • 01

    Business Creation Support

    We calculate new values from business, market, era, needs & solutions, etc., create innovative solutions and conduct commercialization.

  • 02

    Business Planning Support

    In carrying out commercialization, we will provide planning execution support for the maximum production from the start.

  • 03

    Business Consulting Support

    We identify and visualize the structure of the current issue or the cause of the problem and guide the project to its original form.

  • 04

    Business Dev. Support

    We develop and explore new business portfolios and solutions which satisfy the needs of the times.

  • 05

    Business Matching Support

    We create new businesses by fusing various existing business seeds and needs (market / customer's request).

  • 06

    Business Integration Support

    We will integrate businesses and projects to newly create a mechanism which delivers results more quickly and efficiently.

Case Study

  • Case 01

    Building optimal business scheme according to the situation of the investment destination

    We will make upfront investments with the assets received from our costumers to product purchase, capital investment, outsourcing etc., along with management and business consulting. We support the environment where each company can demonstrate the best performance and produces results.

  • Case 02

    FinTech Solutions

    In the global market, where digital information technology evolves remarkably, we will support the creation and commercialization of new and secure business schemes based on client-centrism using FinTech.

  • Case 03

    New business creation for "regional revitalization"

    A business model to create new solutions from market environment, needs and seeds. We are making efforts to use a part of business revenue to the next generation that contributes to the construction of local social infrastructure for "regional revitalization".

  • Case 04

    Technological development and growth support

    While various new technologies are born day by day, we make efforts to support the development of next generation technologies and businesses which will be the foundation of the next industries.

  • Case 05

    Technological innovation to the next generation and expansion of business scale

    Even with innovative technologies and services, venture, small and medium-sized enterprises with small creditworthiness cannot grow well in Japan in many cases. We will support business development and growth of such small and medium enterprises.

  • Case 06

    Making new business plans, and supporting deployment

    We will develop new and various solutions for the future. Instead of promoting business as itself, we will support business development to challenge and expand services in new markets which fit with the times by forming alliances with many excellent companies.

of consultation

  1. Step 1
    Application for consultation
    After receiving the client's application, we will confirm the consultation date and time.
  2. Step 2
    Survey & grasping the situationRequired time: about 1.5hr
    We will investigate the client's internal and external environment.
    Based on the survey results, a dedicated consultant will grasp the current issue.
  3. Step 3
    Proposal for the plan of improvementRequired time: about 3hr
    Based on the results of the survey, we will propose a support plan for improvement.
  4. Step 4
    Supporting the implementation of the planRequired time: about 1Mo
    We will implement the client's plan for her/his company's goals and we will support it.
  5. Step 5
    Review of the plan & follow-upRequired time: about 1.5hr
    An appointed consultant regularly checks whether the execution is proceeding as planned or not. We review the execution plan from the diagnosis result and execute it again if it is necessary.
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